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Wyoming 2014

Camp Grace

·Built two cabins

·Installed flooring on pavilion

·Built trusses for pavilion

·Bulldozed the main road

This year, we had the privilege of going back to Camp Grace for our second year.  Once again, it was a huge blessing to come alongside other believers and do work for the Lord.  There were 5 churches represented in our group of people.  What an encouragement that we are co-laborers for Christ!


During our time in Wyoming we completed various projects.  We built another two cabins that were nearly identical to the ones built in 2013. Many people helped to gather rocks from the mountain, chip and clean the rocks, and place them on the foundation of the cabins for a rock wall.  We also laid flooring on the pavilion that will be used to hold services for campers.  A group of ladies repointed the chimney, one of the few structures left standing after the wildfire. Some of our men used the bulldozer to create the main road leading into camp and cleaning up various rubble piles around camp.  Several women stained wood that would be used to build trusses and long pieces of wood that would be used as siding for the buildings.  Camp Grace mills the siding from burnt trees.


It was a week filled with hard work, but it flew past and we are thankful for the opportunity to help Camp Grace.  We pray that the Lord would bless their ministry as they reach their community and surrounding areas with the Gospel.

Wyoming 2013

Camp grace

·Sided and added stone to the bathhouse

·Built structure for the shelter/Camp Store

·Finished completing two CAMPER cabins

In July 2013, we had the opportunity to work with the people of Camp Grace in Wheatland, Wyoming.  The summer before, Camp Grace burned in a wild fire that was started by lightning on the mountain.  Within days, it had consumed the camp and surrounding areas.  As a result, the majority of the camp had been damaged severely.  With the help of Joe & Beka Davis (pictured first), we were able to accomplish many projects at Camp Grace.

The Lord graciously allowed us to finish completing two cabins that will house campers.  We also put siding on the bathhouse that was milled from the burnt trees on Camp Grace's property.  In addition, we helped install the stone face on the bathhouse from rocks that were gathered on the mountain. One of our last projects was to build the structure for the shelter on the Canteen Shade that burnt down. The week was also full off odd jobs such as painting the bath house, cutting down many, many burnt trees, milling more lumber for other buildings, and cleaning up for the next week of camp.


We praise God for the awesome experiences He continually allows us to enjoy! This work trip was a blessing to us at Paraklete Ministries, and hopefully, to those at Camp Grace.  What a refreshing time to meet other believers who have the same mindset to serve the Lord both here and there (Acts 1:8). To God be the glory for all the work that was accomplished! (Eph. 3:20-21).

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