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Illinois 2024

Camp Assurance

·Completely overhauled the entire camp

·remodeled and expanded meeting buildings

·added storage and cleaned up around the camp

Our team did an amazing job at Camp Assurance, an Ironwood sister camp, in Illinois this past week!  We showed up, knowing there was much to be accomplished, and we WORKED!  From repainting the camp signs to cleaning up the entire camp to finishing buildings and various projects, we transformed this place in 10 days. 

Recently, this camp has come under the Ironwood umbrella of sister camps.  The camp has been in service to the community for 40+ years but was in desperate need of attention and love.  We took the game room (blue building) from an open-air shelter to an insulated, temperature controlled usable space with new lights, new trim work, and all the finishings.  We completely gutted and overhauled a nearby home that will become a staff home, carting away 2 full commercial dumpsters and even more brush/trash from previous owners.  We built walls and a loft in the new maintenance building, adding separation and storage for all the camp’s needs.  And finally, we remodeled the new meeting hall which was the camp’s previous maintenance building (yellow building).  We framed in a new porch which doubled their square footage for meeting, while providing another temperature controlled and beautiful space for campers and guests to hear God’s Word (previously they met in another open-air building through all seasons).  While all these projects were being accomplished, we had an entire crew dedicated to cleaning up and organizing the campgrounds, throwing out years worth of accumulated items that won't serve the camp today.  Our kitchen crew also worked tirelessly to keep us fed and energized through the chilly temps!


Our team worked hard on this trip, and it quickly became the most accomplished trip we've ever had in terms of sheer workload.  The Lord used our willing hearts and effort in ways we could have never imagined! A big thank you to all who served on the trip, many of which were volunteers who gave up their time, vacation days at work, and left families at home to make this project possible. We look forward to future opportunities the Lord allows us to be a part of, and we hope you join us for one of these life-changing trips!

For more information about Camp Assurance, visit their website at  To learn more about other projects we've done with Camp Ironwood, check out the "California" and "Wyoming" tabs below!

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