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Nicaragua 2012


·Helped build a Christian college to train national pastors

·Shared the Gospel in children's meetings and throughout the city

Paraklete took a group of 33 dedicated men, women, and teenagers to central Nicaragua to do outreach and a Nehemiah Project.  The team trained for several weeks before the trip to be prepared to not only share the Gospel, but to travel to a foreign country and interact with the people wisely and culturally-minded. On this trip, we were able to lay the foundation for a Bible college in the mountains and do outreach in two schools, in the city, and at a children's hospital.  


The Nehemiah Project aspect of this trip involved carrying in pallets of materials to the construction site, starting work on the foundation and support beams of the college, and laying brick for the early phases of the walls.  This college will be used to teach believers in the area to study, preach, and share God's Word in their schools, churches, and neighborhoods.  The work was hard, but as each person worked together with good attitudes, we were able to accomplish much in just a few days.


The outreach aspect of this trip involved attending schools to host mini VBS meetings, to share the Gospel in the streets of the city where we stayed, and to provide a meal and present the Gospel at a children's hospital.  Two teams of teens and adults went to two elementary schools to share Gospel presentations and play games with the kids.  The meetings went so well, many of the children asked us to come back the next week!  We also passed out tracts in the city, and people were very receptive as we shared the Gospel through translators in a very Catholic-based community.  Finally, we visited a children's hospital where we brought a meal for the parents whose children were sick and shared the Gospel to those who needed salvation and encouragement.  We hope and pray the brothers and sisters in Christ in this area can continue to reach more people for the Lord.  Truly, the fields are white unto harvest, around the world!

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