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California 2017

ironwood christian camp

Our 65-person team worked hard on...

·the Hacienda

·Miss Beth's home

·a retiring staff couple's home


·multiple projects around the camp

Yes, you read that correctly! 65 men, women, and children from 5 years old to 60+ years young gave of their time and energy for a week of hard work at Ironwood Christian Camp.  Our main projects of the week were at the Hacienda, Miss Beth's home, a retired staff couple's home, and Rivertown, with several other projects filling in the gaps.


The Hacienda serves as a getaway for pastors and their families to escape into the desert and enjoy God's creation.  Our work there was to build a new entryway, install new doors around the structure, paint part of the interior, stain the deck, install new appliances and lights, and lay new flooring.  This job took skilled craftsmanship, and our leaders and helpers on this job made it happen!


Miss Beth has worked at Camp Ironwood for several years and was in need of a garage, new roof, and walk-in closet.  The crew made quick work building the garage, adding the roof, siding, and drywall inside, installing interior and exterior lights, painting the entire home, adding a new roof and rafters on the front of the home, and adding a new walk-in closet.


A small group also roofed a staff couple's home who will be retiring soon. This was no small task as the crew laid 60,000 pounds of clay tile in the hot sun, without complaint. In Rivertown, the camp's teen area, the team ran electric for and installed exterior lights, added new ceiling paneling around the entire main building, installed decorative paneling, and finished the roof.  People with no previous construction experience became fast learners as they were teachable and willing to work!


In addition to these four projects, we built and stained new benches, painted signs, cleaned up around camp, cut fabric and sewed new curtains for the cabins, helped to cook and clean up after meals, and watched the little ones of parents on the trip.  This was a full week of work for all involved, but the team was revived spiritually with daily devotions and working alongside each other to serve the Lord faithfully.  We are anxious to see one day how God uses our drops in the bucket of this ministry to reach thousands of souls for Him.

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