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New Hampshire 2021

living hope church

·Repainted exterior

·Built handicap ramp and front decks

·Cleaned and organized interior

·Hosted an outreach event

The Lord sure works in mysterious ways in how He connects Christians’ paths.  Several years ago, we became good friends with Jonathan and Patty Hutchins (pictured first) who, at the time, were missionaries in Brazil.  For many years, they faithfully served the Lord by starting a local church.  While there, they trained and discipled the men to lead the work after they had gone.  While pastoring the local church, Jon created William & Sons Coffee Company – a coffee company developed to support nationals and spread the Gospel.  Jon and Patty have since moved back to the states to serve in the local church and their passion for the Lord has not waned.


We reconnected with them when we heard the news that they were taking on the position of Senior Pastor at Living Hope Church in Penacook, New Hampshire.  The church body in this small New England village needed a pastor and their building needed updates and repairs.  The Lord impressed on Jon and Patty’s heart to fill the role as Pastor and the Lord impressed on our hearts to help with the much-needed repairs of the building. 


We were able to take over 30 people to help revitalize the church building as well as canvass the community to reach children and parents in the area.  We focused on updating the exterior and cleaning up the interior. On the exterior, we prepped and painted the beautiful white structure, giving life back to this building built in the 1800s.  We also built a new handicap ramp to make the building more accessible.  On the interior, we cleaned up and reorganized as the building had not been used for some time. 


On the outreach side of this trip, we hosted a kid’s activity at the church.  We spent several days prior to the event canvassing the neighborhood, passing out flyers and inviting families to the church.  At the event, we played games and had a great time with the families who came, but more importantly we shared the Gospel with all who attended and gave the community an inside glimpse into what the Lord is doing in this church.  We worked hard physically and spiritually, and within a week we were able to revitalize this church inside and out as a bright light to the community.  We pray for the Hutchins and this body of believers as they reach more and more people for the Lord.  

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