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Due to the current economic strains placed upon American churches and the growing instability of the global economy, funding of American missionaries is declining while the needs of the foreign mission field are ever increasing.  Paraklete Ministries has developed a biblical, systematic, portable, and comprehensive education that seeks to equip national pastors.


Our goal is to equip national pastors with enough training to establish them in the fundamental truths of God’s Word, to expand their ministry skills set, and to develop their character so that they may be able to properly and effectively minister to Christ’s church.


The training a national pastor needs most is to have a comprehensive and growing knowledge of scripture, real practical ministry skills, and continual challenges to grow spiritually and learn to walk with God everyday.  With the Lord’s help, sacrificial giving, fervent prayers, and faithful service of God’s people, Paraklete Ministries is able to offer a comprehensive pastoral education at no cost to the national pastor in order to effectively service the needs of the local church on foreign mission fields.  

Equipping Pastors to Effectively Impact Others FOR ALL ETERNITY

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