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Linnwood baptist church

·Remodeled the sanctuary

·Modernized the building - crown molding, painting, finishing

One of Paraklete's greatest joys is to help churches support other churches.  30 men, women, and children of Community Bible Church served alongside and had a great time in fellowship with Linnwood Baptist Church as we updated their building to better reach their local community.  Pictured first is Pastor Glen West of LBC and Pastor Jim Matson of CBC.  We were closely knit with this church body - ministries helping ministries - through hard work, laughter, and service to the Lord.

In just two and a half days, we were able to remodel and modernize their entire main level.  We reworked the sanctuary walls to add on a sound booth and closet space, as well as to enhance the flow of the room for the congregation.  We also updated the hallways by adding closets and finalized the sanctuary by building privacy walls on the platform.  Finally, we were able to modernize the building by installing crown molding, repainting the main level (including the sanctuary ceiling), and adding the finishing touches of freshly painted doors and trim.  


The weekend finished as quickly as it started, and we were sad to physically part with this great body of believers.  However, we know we are never truly separated in the bond of Christ, and we look forward to reuniting in Heaven one day with Linnwood Baptist Church.  We pray the Lord continues to expand this congregation as they influence their community as salt and light.

Thanks from Linnwood Baptist

"Thank you for your ministry to us."     - Pastor Glen

"Thank you, everyone, for all your hard work and sweet spirits.  You have a wonderful ministry to further the cause of Christ."  - Judy and Steve


"Thank you all so much for all your hard work!  Your time and all the things you were able to acomplish is so appreciated!  May God continue to bless your ministry." - Greg and Val


"We appreciate all you did to help us with our building - what a blessing!  Thank you so much!"  

- Doris


"Great job!  What a gift you have given the (our) church!  Thank you." - Nicole


"So grateful for your sacrifice away from your home, your family,  but not your God!  Many heartfelt thanks." - Gary and Brenda


"We want to thank each and every one of you.  We see Christ in you.  Thank you." - Wayne and Mary

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