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Yap 2019

Yap Baptist Church

Provided funds for . . .

·Church expansion and addition

·Remodel to connect buildings

We are always amazed at how the Lord brings His people together around the world!  Our good friends, Mark (pictured first on left) and Diane Zimmer (pictured second in middle), are missionaries to the small island of Yap, located in the Micronesian islands.  They have served there for the past 14 years, reaching the islanders and starting a local church.  Recently, we were very fortunate to visit with the Zimmer family on their furlough to the States.


We met the Zimmers and their children on a previous trip to Yap in 2011 for a Nehemiah Project and our hearts were knit together right away on our mutually-shared philosophy - disciple national pastors to reach nationals for the Gospel.  Mark and Diane pastor Yap Baptist Church, a growing church on the main island of Yap, and disciple several pastors who have also started churches on the outer islands of Yap.  Pastor Rollence, who we provided a coconut press for as a tentmaking opportunity to support himself, was discipled under Mark to become one of these national outer island pastors.  The Zimmers continue to disciple Pastor Rollence and other men in hopes to eventually leave Yap Baptist Church in the capable hands of trained national pastors.


As the Lord works on the hearts of the islanders in miraculous ways, Yap Baptist Church has grown a need for an expansion of their existing church building to support the growing church body.  Your generous donations have allowed us to provide the remaining need for this expansion and remodel!  The new addition will provide much needed additional seating, as well as class space in the existing structure which will be remodeled to create better flow between the new and old buildings.  We hope to travel soon to Yap to assist in this project! We are confident that the Lord is doing a great work through the Zimmers and their faithful love and discipleship of the Yapese people.  We cannot wait to see all that God does with the expansion of this church as He continues to add souls to His family of dedicated brothers and sisters in Christ.

Yap 2013

faith Baptist Church

Provided funds for . . .

·build a church building for believers at Faith Baptist Church

Pastor John and his wife Johanna (pictured first with their children)  live on the small but thriving island of Yap in the Micronesian Islands.  He and his wife worked diligently in their community to assemble a body of believers, named Faith Baptist Church. For years, Pastor John had been striving to reach his own people for the Lord but was in dire need of a building.  


Paraklete Ministries, and others, were able to send money to build a church for Pastor John and his church body.  This Eternal Investment impacted the lives of those overseas in innumerable ways, such as support of the local church, testimony to those in the village as the church was built, and encouragement to the brothers and sisters in Christ in the church body.  God was good and Faith Baptist Church was built, pairing American dollars and national work for the furtherance of the Gospel.


Even in the smallest corners of the globe, the Lord is working to draw people to Himself.  Pastor John and his wife's faithful testimony to their village has extended God's kingdom for all eternity as eternal investments. Contact us and support other believers in their service to the Lord around the world to make your own Eternal Investment!

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