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New york CITY

Annual evangelism trip

Boldly sharing the Gospel in . . .

·Kids meetings in parks


·One-on-one witnessing

We've gone to "the city" over 30 times to teach and practice becoming more bold in our sharing of the precious Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Many times, in the daily grind of life, we do not see the opportunity to share the Gospel everyday, yet the Lord says the fields are white unto harvest (John 4:35).  This mission trip will open your eyes to the reality that people desperately need the Lord (Matt. 9:36-38) and that you need to tell them (Rom. 10:14).  


You will be taught to see and even create opportunities to share the Gospel.  Then, you can return to your home church and continue a lifestyle that boldly proclaims the Gospel wherever you go.  You will gain such confidence, and you will be used of the Lord in ways you never thought possible.  This trip is truly life-changing, if you allow the Lord to work in your heart.

Testimonies from the NYC Trip

"As Jesus said, 'The fields are white and the laborers few', and that is so true. We have such a large task, not just in New York, but everywhere." - Rick


"God taught me to see every person has a soul with an eternal destination. I know the way to Heaven and it's my responsibility and calling to share that with everyone I come into contact with."  - Katie


"If I don't share the gospel with them they might never hear it from anyone else. It was a big change in perspective." - Austin


"It was a week of renewed perspective, a refocused vision of what God has called us as followers of Christ to do. It brought me back home with a new found excitement for ministering to those in my community."  - Zonda

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