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India 2017


Finishing Hope Center church building for the . . .

·Local church body

·Pastoral training center

The Lord has blessed our ministry greatly this New Year, as you have graciously given to His work!  Your generous giving has allowed us to finalize the Hope Center church building for this faithful body of believers.  This building will be used for the local church body, as well as pastoral training to equip nationals.

As shown to the right, the existing church building was not yet finished.  Through this Eternal Investment, work has already begun on the building, of which we are excited to see the finished project!  Our hearts are deeply attached to this ministry, and to see the Hope Center blessed by Christians giving back what God has given to them is eternally rewarding.  We may never know this side of Heaven how the Lord will use this Eternal Investment in the community of India, but we rejoice in the innumerable souls He will introduce to us in the skies one day.  


Your prayers are much appreciated for this Investment!  Please pray the men and women working on the project will be safe from start to finish, the testimony of the ministry will impact the surrounding community, and the construction will be smooth and swift.  What a transformation for this project!  Check out the before and after pictures below of this beautiful building!

India 2016

Hope Center

Purchased 1.5 acres for Hope Center

·To equip national pastors

·To create tentmaking opportunities

Recently, Paraklete Ministries was able to send money to purchase 1.5 acres of land to expand the Hope Center in India!  Generous donations made by you and other faithful Christians have now catapulted this local church's ministry and training center for national pastors to unthinkable heights.  The Lord's great blessing on this purchase now allows for the Hope Center's expansion as a local church, training center, and a space to build a vocational school for national pastors.  


Land in India, even in rural neighborhoods, is top dollar and hard to find.  We and our brothers and sisters in Christ in India had been praying for such an opportunity to arise, and we have seen just how gracious the Lord can be to His children.  Not only will this land allow greater ministry for the local church already present, but will also increase the capacity for the pastoral training center as they equip nationals.


This land will also eventually include a vocational school, designed to teach local pastors how to provide for themselves through tentmaking opportunities.  The school will educate each pastor to use hands-on skills to support himself and his family, without the assistance of American dollars or his local church.  In turn, tentmaking opportunities allow the pastor-church relationship to not be so burdened financially, as the pastor is able to work as a tentmaker while still ministering to his body of believers.  


We are very encouraged by this Eternal Investment and how the Lord supplies all our needs according to His perfect timing and sovereign plan.  We look forward to the development of the vocational school, as well as the development of the hearts and lives of the pastors seeking to learn and grow in their walks with the Lord.

India JULY 2014

Southern India

Provided funds to . . .

·finish existing structure of church building

·dig a well for running water

·install a pump to give water to community

In 2014, Paraklete Ministries used donated money to drastically update an existing church building in Southern India.  With your faithful giving, we provided funds to finish this church, making it a permanent location for the congregation to meet, as they were previously meeting in the pastor's home.  We were also able to finance the digging of a well on the property to provide running water and the installation of a water pump as a way to reach the surrounding community.


The existing structure of this church building was a work in progress.  With only one level, completely open and exposed to the elements, the congregation had been meeting in the pastor's home for services.  Work had been started for a second level, but not completed. Local governing authorities were delivering water to the property and the entire community as no buildings in the area had running water.


Through this Eternal Investment, we were able to finalize the structure of the building so the congregation could meet there instead of the pastor's home.  We were also able to allocate funds for the digging of a well on the property so the church could have running water.  And finally, with the installation of a pump for the water, the church now has a great ministry opportunity to the surrounding community as the congregation can now provide water for them.  Thank you for helping us to make this Eternal Investment and to encourage this church body!

India MARCH 2014

Hope Center

Provided funds to . . .

·fix crumbling wallS

·update kitchen at Hope Center

Paraklete Ministries made its way to India to provide funds for projects at the Hope Center.  The Hope Center serves as a local church for the surrounding area and a training center for local pastors.  Through your donations, our ministry was able to fund the repair of the Hope Center's kitchen as the walls were beginning to crumble and crack considerably.  


As shown in the video below, the Hope Center is quite literally in the middle of nowhere in India.  However, countless local pastors have been able to meet there and be trained how to build their local churches.  The Christian people of India are hungry for training, and the Center has worked diligently to satisfy that training and to equip nationals.


The previous state of the Hope Center kitchen was not in best condition for feeding the local pastors and was in need of repair. Though "open fire" kitchens are standard in India, as in other countries, donations to repair and transition the Hope Center kitchen to be both outdoors and indoors has greatly expanded the capability for ministry.  We are greatly encouraged by all God is doing through this ministry, made even more possible through generous donations of faithful believers.  

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