Dominican Republic 2016

Faith Baptist Church

Provided funds for Faith Baptist Church to . . .

·expand Pastor Benito's apartment above the church

·update and expand the kitchen

·relocate and expand bathrooms

This Fall, the Lord took us with Pastor Nate Petersen of Adirondack Baptist Church to the Dominican Republic where He opened our eyes to an incredibly dedicated ministry serving the Lord at full capacity: the Timothy Project Ministry (TPM).  This ministry originated when Pastor Jair Muñoz began preaching the Gospel in sugar cane villages in the surrounding areas.  Pastor Jair then formed the TPM, dedicated to teaching young people the Scriptures.


From this ministry, 7 national men (pictured first with Jair) rose to the top of the program: 6 pastors, who planted 6 churches in the area, and Ricardo, the program's now highly dedicated administrator.  Pastor Benito is one of these national pastors and his church, Faith Baptist Church, hosts TPM sessions.  Each Saturday, between 180-200 young people are transported by van, motorcycle, and whatever vehicle possible from their sugar cane villages to the church.  Over the course of a single morning, the children and teens study and listen through 8-10 20-minute sessions, learning biblical principles and the tenets of Scripture.  The young people are provided lunch, cooked by the women of the ministry, and transported back home.... All free of charge.  This program runs for 10 months, ending in a graduation.  Faithful attendance is crucial for the young people, as they will not graduate if they miss more than 3 Saturdays during that 10 month period.


Paraklete Ministries was able to visit Faith Baptist Church (as well as several of the other pastors' churches) and assess what needs could be met through your generous giving.  Pastor Benito was in desperate need of a larger apartment, located above the women's and men's single stall bathrooms on the property, directly across from the kitchen.  This layout created time and space issues as lines to use the facilities formed during the day.  Additionally, the kitchen only had a three burner stove in poor condition, making feeding hundreds of young people and staff a great struggle.  Paraklete provided funds to expand Pastor Benito's apartment, update and expand the kitchen (now with a new stove!), relocate the bathrooms to a more convenient location, and add more stalls to support the growing ministry.  This project will be finalized in February, with ongoing work happening now.  Praise be to God who provides above all we could ask or think and takes care of His faithful children!  We can only imagine the numerous souls that will be in Heaven due to this ministry!