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Unique Designs OF INDIA

Handmade jewelry

This Tentmaking Opportunity came straight from India to the United States!  These hand made necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other accessories were created by the wives of our team leaders from all over India and were then sold in several locations in the States.  All of the profits that came from these beautiful designs went to our team leaders, which in turn supported their future.


With a simple avenue such as this jewelry, team leaders and their families were able to create additional income while remaining dedicated to their ministry.  Paraklete was able to support 20 team leaders through this project, which catapulted them to continue to travel and reach souls daily with the Gospel.  Today, the Lord continues to bless the fruit of this labor, both in India and the States, as a testimony of using any and all available resources, talents, and skills for His work.

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