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William & Sons

porto Alegre, BRAZIL


William & Sons Coffee Company was developed to support nationals and to spread the Gospel in Brazil through an everyday commodity - coffee. William & Sons takes coffee and other products straight from the farmer to the city, meeting the demand of the modern generation, while reaching locals in their respective businesses.  From the beginning, this company took the philosophy of "come alongside and help" and uniquely made it their own.


William & Sons has been able to hire multiple brothers in Christ to work at the cafe, all of which were in need of a job.  The founders of the company, Jon and Patty Hutchins (pictured first), were able to influence these men greatly by teaching them how to run the business, now not only supporting themselves but other Christians in their area.  Truly, William & Sons exemplifies the doctrine of tentmaking of Acts 18:3 by trusting the Lord, working hard to support yourself, and teaching others to do the same.


Through coffee, William & Sons have been able to reach their community in a very personal and day-to-day way.  Through your generous giving, we have been able to come alongside, encourage their vision, and help fund their project.  They will be reaching a group of people that might otherwise never hear the gospel preached in their lifetime, therefore opening new doors of outreach.  We pray for their ministry and cannot wait to see all God does through their entrepreneurial gifts.

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