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Faith Baptist Church

Pastor John and his wife Johanna live on the small but thriving island of Yap in the Micronesian Islands.  He and his wife worked dilligently in their community to assemble a body of believers, named Faith Baptist Church. For years, Pastor John had been striving to reach his own people for the Lord but was in dire need of a building.  


Paraklete Ministries, and others, were able to send money to build a church for Pastor John and his church body.  This Eternal Investment impacted the lives of those overseas in innumerable ways, such as support of the local church, testimony to those in the village as the church was built, and encouragement to the brothers and sisters in Christ in the church body.  God was good and Faith Baptist Church was built, pairing American dollars and national work for the furtherance of the Gospel.


Even in the smallest corners of the globe, the Lord is working to draw people to Himself.  Pastor John and his wife's faithful testimony to their village has extended God's kingdom for all eternity as eternal investments. Contact us and support other believers in their service to the Lord around the world to make your own Eternal Investment!

Provided funds to . . .

  • build a church building for believers at Faith Baptist Church

Yap 2013


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