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Camp Loma de Vida

Texas 2016

This spring, we headed to Edinburg, Texas to Camp Loma de Vida for a construction trip.  Here, we were able to work with John Mendoza, Camp Director of CLDV, and his wife Blandy, and Jason Mendoza, Program Director of CLDV, and his wife Linda.  In a week, our team of 43 men, women, and children helped update buildings on the old campground that will hopefully be sold in the future, as well as build and finalize new buildings at the new campground.

Several of our men, women, and children began work right away building the two new cabins.  Starting from only foundations, the crew assembled walls, built rafters, completed the roofs, added support for overhangs, and installed windows on both cabins.  While the cabin crews worked, another crew made quick work of repainting the conference center and pool area to add appeal to the old campground for future sale.  Yet another crew added wood paneling to the ceiling of the "Lodge", the newly built volunteer building on the new campsite, which includes a meeting hall, an office, a camp laundry mat, and restrooms. Finally, the most valuable crew of the trip, the kitchen crew, traveled back and forth all week from the old to the new campground to keep everyone fed and satisfied.


Friendships were made, work was done, and the Lord was glorified through the good attitudes of everyone on the trip.  The crews worked by day, rested and had group devotions in the evenings, and enjoyed the beautiful sights of southern Texas.  We continue to pray for Camp Loma de Vida to sell their old campground quickly and look forward to hear of all that God does in their new location.  

  • Built two cabins for campers

  • Painted conference center and pool area

  • Finalized the volunteer building a.k.a the "Lodge"

Testimony from John Mendoza

CLDV Camp Director

"I believe what took place over the course of this mission trip week will be felt in the Rio Grande Valley for many decades. Each of you has played such a pivotal role during your time here and used each talent and ability to its fullest. I can't thoroughly describe on how many levels and in how many facets this trip ended up impacting. From the painting of the buildings at the current camp to the advancements made at the Lodge and even the fellowship and encouragement that many of the folks down here walked away with. As I sit here and consider how this week will be remembered, I truly believe it will go down in the halls of Loma de Vida history as one of the monumental moments of our future.  Each effort that was made by each of you families and individuals will ultimately result in this camp and our ministry being able to reach hundreds and thousands with the truth that our world so desperately needs.  From all the camp staff, all the Mendozas, and from the countless campers you will never meet this side of eternity, THANK YOU and TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!"

John and Blandy

Justin, Jacob, Josiah,

and Jaiden

Jason and Linda

Jason and Leyla

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