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In 2012, Paraklete Ministries made an eternal investment that will bring years of return.  We provided, through your faithful giving, funds for the Liberian nationals to build a church building, school building, and repair two other existing church buildings.  These updates were accomplished by nationals, for nationals.  


Eternal Investments allowed for generous givers here in the States to help fellow Christians there overseas.  One of the foundations of Paraklete is to provide the opportunity for those who may not be able to make the journey to support those in need through faithful giving.  This trip proved to be extremely beneficial and encouraging to the nationals, with a total cost of all four projects of $4000.00!


As the Lord lays on the hearts of those burdened to further His work, we seek to direct funds to those who serve Him faithfully.  These pastors, church members, teachers, and students are just a small glimpse into the committed Christian body around the globe, earnestly serving our Lord and Savior who need support.  We continue to provide avenues for American dollars to aid foreign nationals as Eternal Investments, but we need your help.  Contact us at [email protected] if you would like to make an Eternal Investment through giving.      


Provided funds to . . .

  • build a church building and school building

  • repair two other existing church buildings

Liberia 2012