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In 2014, Paraklete Ministries used donated money to drastically update an existing church building in Southern India.  With your faithful giving, we provided funds to finish this church, making it a permanent location for the congregation to meet, as they were previously meeting in the pastor's home.  We were also able to finance the digging of a well on the property to provide running water and the installation of a water pump as a way to reach the surrounding community.


As shown in the pictures above and below, the existing structure of this church building was a work in progress.  With only one level, completely open and exposed to the elements, the congregation had been meeting in the pastor's home for services.  Work had been started for a second level, but not completed. Local governing authorities were delivering water to the property and the entire community as no buildings in the area had running water.


Through this Eternal Investment, we were able to finalize the structure of the building so the congregation could meet there instead of the pastor's home.  We were also able to allocate funds for the digging of a well on the property so the church could have running water.  And finally, with the installation of a pump for the water, the church now has a great ministry opportunity to the surrounding community as the congregation can now provide water for them.  Thank you for helping us to make this Eternal Investment and to encourage this church body!

Southern India

Provided funds to . . .

  • finish existing structure of church building

  • dig a well for running water

  • install a pump to give water to community

India July 2014