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Hope Center

Purchased 1.5 acres for Hope Center

  • To equip national pastors

  • To create tentmaking opportunities

India 2016

Recently, Paraklete Ministries was able to send money to purchase 1.5 acres of land to expand the Hope Center in India!  Generous donations made by you and other faithful Christians have now catapulted this local church's ministry and training center for national pastors to unthinkable heights.  The Lord's great blessing on this purchase now allows for the Hope Center's expansion as a local church, training center, and a space to build a vocational school for national pastors.  


Land in India, even in rural neighborhoods, is top dollar and hard to find.  We and our brothers and sisters in Christ in India had been praying for such an opportunity to arise, and we have seen just how gracious the Lord can be to His children.  Not only will this land allow greater ministry for the local church already present, but will also increase the capacity for the pastoral training center as they


This land will also eventually include a vocational school, designed to teach local pastors how to provide for themselves through  

The school will educate each pastor to use hands-on skills to support himself and his family, without the assistance of American dollars or his local church.  In turn, tentmaking opportunities allow the pastor-church relationship to not be so burdened financially, as the pastor is able to work as a tentmaker while still ministering to his body of believers.  


We are very encouraged by this Eternal Investment and how the Lord supplies all our needs according to His perfect timing and sovereign plan.  We look forward to the development of the vocational school, as well as the development of the hearts and lives of the pastors seeking to learn and grow in their walks with the Lord.  Please contact us if you would like to make an investment for all Eternity such as this!

Equip Nationals. Tentmaking Opportunities.

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