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Pastoral Training School

On our second face-to-face training trip to India, we made new friends and began new projects to develop the training school.  As on our first trip, we and our fellow national pastors ventured overseas and from all corners of the country to meet together and learn from God's Word, funded by Paraklete Ministries.  Paraklete also sent money to begin work on translating curriculum taught by the national pastors for national pastors.  

India 2014

  • Face-to-face training

  • Sent money to start translation work

  • Sent money for further pastoral training

While we were in India, we traveled to meet several new bodies of believers, training and teaching as we went what it means to develop the Lord's church and how to make disciples.  Time after time, we were convicted in our own walks with the Lord as we witnessed the hunger and thirst for righteousness these men have for God and His work. Truly, this is a nation searching for God and His salvation, of which Christians have the truth!  


PTS Trip





Paraklete also sent money to begin work on translating curriculum for the training school into major languages of the local pastors.  India has an incredibly challenging lanugage barrier, consisting of 23 major languages out of 415 total, with over 700 dialects.  For this reason, Paraklete sent financing for work on these translations to develop.  

Paraklete additionally sent funding for training above what we were able to do on this trip.  The nationals we trained were now able to train others, but needed the financing to do so.  We provided these funds so the work could continue, without the aid of American pastors or training. We are excited as the Lord continues to develop this country as a bright light for Him.