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Lay Shepherd Training

Time and time again, we have seen how the Lord knits together our hearts with fellow believers around the world, and this group of believers is no exception. In 2015, our team headed to Iglesia Bautista Cristiana for a

There, we met Pastor Pedro and wife Natacha (pictured left, top), Pastor Yadín and wife Mirna (pictured left, bottom) and their hungry-for-God church family.  Since our trip, we were also able to host a few IBC couples, including Pastor Yadín and his wife, who came to the States for a leadership conference.  The impact of our time together was deeply felt between our ministry and theirs, leading to the opportunity for us to travel back to the DR this spring.


On this trip, we introduced Lay Shepherd Training, teaching Christians to shepherd each other by coming alongside and "Paraklete-ing" one another according to God's Word.  To begin, we introduced Lay Shepherding to the church family at the Wednesday night church service.  The next evening, the church hosted a leadership conference for us to further teach Lay Shepherding to 30-35 brothers and sisters in Christ, as disciplers in the church.  Finally, we joined 54 couples for a relaxing, yet spiritually challenging couples' retreat where we dove deeper into being a Lay Shepherd as man and wife.


This trip presented new opportunities for the church with first time separated men and women sessions.  Many men, women, and couples made the decision to stay accountable to each other as Lay Shepherds, even in the first men's session where the only place to meet was the pool!  Even so, the hearts of the people were hungry for training, and the Lord blessed our time of training beyond our highest expectations.  We praise God for allowing us to witness their growth and we are excited to see how God uses this week in years to come in the lives of the faithful men and women at IBC.

Dominican Republic 2017

Lay Shepherd Training:

  • Services at Iglesisa Bautista Cristiana

  • Leadership Conference

  • Couples' Retreat

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